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Charter for the SYNTHESIS Guild of Velen


Mission Statement

Synthesis was created to provide a tight-knit organization for general World of Warcraft game play, while allowing max-level guild members to focus on end-game content and raiding progression. Synthesis holds its members to a set of rules laid out in this Charter, and these rules have been put into place by the guild leaders in order to maintain a fun and drama-free environment for all to enjoy. Those members who fail to follow these rules are subject to discipline and possible removal from the guild.

Synthesis members include both casual players that have limited time to play, as well as hardcore players that have many hours a week to devote to the game. Patricians are members who've become good in-game friends and without whom our game time just wouldn't be the same. Legionaries are the dedicated core group of players who spend hours developing their characters, learning class/raid mechanics, and applying their knowledge to the guild's efforts in conquering World of Warcraft content. The goal of Synthesis is to see and do it all, and have a great time.

Synthesis is primarily a Player vs. Environment (PvE) oriented guild, with occasional forays into Player vs. Player (PvP) content. Members are encouraged to do what they enjoy, but if you plan to earn a raiding spot we expect you to be prepared to meet additional requirements as set out later in this charter.

Loyalty is very important to the guild leadership. We work hard to keep together a tight-knit group of people who care about each other. If you are more concerned with yourself, your own needs, or loot, then this is not the guild for you. As a member of Synthesis - full member or recruit - you are a formal representative of the guild and your fellow guild members.


Code of Conduct

ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!: No whining, fighting, or constant negative attitude in guild chat, tells, or anywhere else. We understand that there are problems associated with any game, but do not spam negativity or start arguments. If you have any disagreements or complaints, follow the chain of command and talk to a Tribune or Senator first. If neccessary the Imperator will get involved and make all final decisions.

OUR IMAGE: We are proud of our guild and what we stand for, and we expect every member to feel the same. Do not do anything that can be traced back to you and our guild that could lessen our image.

SELF-RELIANCE: Do not harass other guild members for items, money or help with leveling. It is perfectly acceptable to ask others for help as long as it is in a polite and respectful manner. If no one is available help you, please wait and ask for help later.

RESPECT: Be respectful to your fellow guild members. Do not say you will “BRB” and keep people waiting for 45 minutes wondering where you went. If you make plans to do something with other members of the guild then, barring an emergency, you need to show up. Real world activities can be forgiven; however, if you agree to run an instance or go on a raid, do not decide at the last minute that whatever in-game activity you're doing is more important. Do not make the commitment if you do not intend on following through … particularly when it comes to raiding.

HONOR: Ninja-looting will not be tolerated, regardless of the group situation…EVER. Begging, spamming, or using profanity, whether in guild chat, or general/trade chat is not allowed. When you do something that reflects badly on yourself, if you are wearing our guild tag it also reflects badly on Synthesis.


Guild Chat / Ventrilo Etiquette

We strongly suggest members avoid political, religious, and sexual topics in Guild/Ventrilo Chat. These topics are often too emotional and problems usually result. Although in general we are an older group of players, profanity is not acceptable in everyday conversation. Some members will find it offensive, and many of us have younger family members playing or looking over our shoulders. We realize raids can be heated at times, so please make every effort to choose your words carefully.


Failure to comply with the above can lead to demotion and eventual removal from the guild.


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